Rapid Prototyping/Soft Tooling

With a close association with trusted vendor networks, we undertake rapid prototyping work to produce parts in Plastic materials, Using SLA, SLS & Vacuum casting process Painting and Printing work also done as per customer requirements.

Laser Sintering provides rapid prototypes that are the working representations of the most complex designs. Laser Sintered prototypes can be subjected to functional testing.

Characteristics :

  • Effective Build Volume: 340mm X 340mm X 620mm
  • Support Structure: Not Necessary
  • Support Structure (Inconel): 0.1 - 0.2 mm (Material Dependent)
  • Laser Type: CO2, 50 Watt

What shall it offer you?

  • Product Development which includes prototypes for Design analysis, Product Evaluation etc
  • Sacrificial patterns for Investment Casting
  • Masters for Vacuum casting and Sand Casting